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Losing a tooth can not only knock your confidence, but it can also impact on the effectiveness of your teeth, but don't worry, our dentistry team have a range of solutions that can help. Crowns and dental bridges are replacement teeth that stay in place and if looked after, can last you a lifetime.

In the very simplest terms, you want your teeth to look the very best that they can, but there are also practical reasons to cover those unsightly teeth and gaps. Crowns strengthen damaged teeth, helping to avoid further damage, whilst bridges can help avoid bad bite and gum disease.

Why do I need replacement teeth?

Modern dentistry has come a long way, helping you to keep your teeth in great condition for longer. Our hygienist can teach you the very best cleaning routines, whilst our cosmetic dentistry team can correct your existing issues, call 01772 794 468 to make your appointment today.

Prevention rather than cure

A crown sits on top of a damaged tooth when there is no further way to repair the natural tooth, whereas a bridge replaces a tooth or teeth that are beyond repair. Both have a range of benefits.

What are crowns and dental bridges?

Giving you back your lost smile