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Through a high quality scale and polish, your mouth will be checked for signs of gum disease which can be prevented with regular visits. Air polishing not only makes your teeth look fantastic, it also plays an important part in maintaining healthy teeth.

Using an air polishing removal system is an effective and efficient way to remove stubborn stains and plaque, giving not only an improved appearance but also better oral hygiene. Your teeth will look fantastic and your mouth will feel fresh and clean.

How will it benefit my teeth?

Enjoying a regular scale and polish is just one of the ways that you can ensure that your teeth and smile always look great. Call us on 01772 794 468 for general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, and hygienist treatments, and enjoy friendly services from your local dental experts.

The local dental experts

Air, water and a polishing agent are passed through a nozzle, these combine to polish the enamel of your teeth removing stains, plaque and debris.

What is air polishing?

The amazing air polishing removal system